NETGEAR Guest Network Setup

1. Make sure your router is connected to a power source and the Internet.

2. Connect to the default wireless network that your router creates (e.g. "NETGEAR32"). If it is locked, the default password should be printed on the bottom of your router.

3. Open your browser and navigate to the default router configuration page. For NETGEAR, this is The default login is "admin" and password is "password" though you should consult your device or manual for more information.

First, change your administrator password

4. Click on the "Advanced" tab on the top of the screen. Then click "Administration" and "Set Password." Your old password is "password" by default, and you should set your new password to something secure. Click "Apply."

Second, enable a guest network

4. Click the "Basic" tab on top. On the left hand menu, click on the "Guest Network" tab

Wireless Settings
- Enable Guest Network
- Enable SSID Broadcast
- If you'd like, change the SSID name to "" to help spread the movement and to link users to the repeat infringer policy
- Enable Wireless Isolation

Security Options
- None.

6. Click "Apply"

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