Important information about "" networks

Considerate Use Guidelines

Wireless networks labeled with the SSID "" are shared resources volunteered by a neighbor who is a member of the Open Wireless Movement. This person has generously offered you a portion of their bandwidth. Please be considerate when you use it.

In particular, please be thoughtful about bandwidth. Try to avoid watching long or high-definition video streams — they may slow the host's network down significantly. You should never use open wireless for activities which may draw hostile attention to this IP address: hacking, sharing copyright-infringing media, performing large port scans, engaging in denials-of-service, posting harassing or illegal material to forums, or other unlawful or antisocial behavior. Send on this network what you would want others to send from yours.

Termination of Repeat Infringers Policy

It is the policy of the Open Wireless Movement to terminate in appropriate circumstances the accounts of subscribers and account holders of the service provider’s system or network who are repeat infringers.

Applying this Policy to Your Own Network

To inform subscribers and account holders of your system that you have adopted (and will reasonably implement) this repeat infringers policy, please use the SSID "" or post this policy where it can been seen by your subscribers and account holders.

From time to time the Open Wireless Movement may update this policy, but we will attempt to preserve its overall spirit. Some access points may have additional policies that apply to your use. This is not meant to be a complete statement of the applicable policies, and the participant may choose to cut off access at any time.

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