Open Wireless coalition adds five new member organizations
Posted November 26, 2012 by Adi Kamdar

Since the Open Wireless Movement launched last month, we have received a lot of excited responses and helpful feedback. It's clear that the conversation about a world of open wireless was waiting to be reinvigorated.

We are happy to announce five new members of the Open Wireless Movement coalition: the Center for Media Justice, Engine, Noisebridge, Open Media International, and Open Rights Group.

These new coalition members help expand the Open Wireless Movement into a global movement, with Open Media International and Open Rights Group leading digital rights efforts around the world. And we have already seen steps towards an open wireless ecosystem in Europe, for example, with companies like Fon pursuing business models that encourage widely accessible Wi-Fi.

Center for Media Justice brings their expertise in media and social change, and Engine has already posted an excellent blog post tying Open Wireless with the latest spectrum-related issues on the Hill. And Noisebridge, a popular hackerspace in San Francisco, has given the movement its support. Hackerspaces foster creativity and education around technology, and have already benefitted from not only opening their doors to anyone, but also their networks. We are hoping that more community spaces around the world follow Noisebridge's lead.

The Open Wireless Movement cannot survive without a strong coalition of organizations and individuals who believe in the benefits of a world with ubiquitous, open Internet. If you are interested in joining, please email

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